I provide services in Budapest and its surrounding area:

  • Construction technical supervision: construction, renovation, reconstruction of new family houses, etc.
  • Real estate purchase advice: Pre-purchase expertise, opinions and advice for used or new construction properties, whether it is a detached house, holiday home, condominium, apartment, etc.
  • Active participation in the design process: architecture, structural engineering, interior design, mechanical engineering, etc. Design analysis, rationalisation, assistance in the preparation of plans. Reconciling design and feasibility.
  • Implementation, construction management, project management.
  • Construction consultancy: concept development, definition of requirements, refinement of ideas, technological and technical proposals.
  • Preparation of technical content - Project preparation: analysis and evaluation of quotations, price assessment, preparation of decisions.
  • Legal advice: facilitation and review of contracts
  • Expertise in monolithic reinforced concrete structures: monolithic reinforced concrete houses, structures, pseudo concrete, concrete facades