Construction technical supervisior

Welcome to the 21st century

Choose a construction technical supervisior who offers you more than just knowledge of the law and regulations.

You don't need draconian rigour, constant argument and conflict with the contractor (and the designer), but a progressive, 21st century, western mindset. Let's avoid arguing, shouting, lawsuit and different technical faults that can arise during construction. It's important to have the solutions, proposals, technical steps, instructions ready before the work starts.


The time has come for the construction industry to look to the technology of the present rather than the centuries of the past. If we have come back from the moon, then technological progress should characterise the construction industry of today and not the past.


Construction technical supervisior

We help the client to make the most optimal decisions for the building from the design stage (ideally when choosing the site of the property).

We prepare the client for the pitfalls, so that he can go to the architect with ideas, requirements and a ready-made architectural programme, so that no unnecessary cost is planned for the building, and it can be constructed in a cost-effective and economical way.

We can recommend or help you choose an architect, mechanical engineer or electrical designer.
We also help you to conclude design contracts that are advantageous for the client.

We participate in the tendering process, analyse the bids submitted by contractors, and check and compare their technical content/offers.

We provide the prospective owner with practical advice to ensure that the most important criteria (quality, deadline, price) are met when signing the contract with the contractor.

We are familiar with and recommend the use and installation of the latest building equipment, technologies and building systems (building services engineering, thermal insulation, waterproofing, building structures, etc.)

We provide advice and recommend a lawyer for the sale and purchase and other legal activities covered by the PTK.